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Flat K47

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A modified version of the classic K47 that delivers a smooth, even and extended frequency response without a bump in the upper mids. This capsule was the result of a shootout between 5 third-party factories to produce a test capsule with the desired specifications, and was not intended to be a retail product. However, due to overwhelming demand, it is now reproduced at our new facility, at its original price.


Availability: 17 In Stock

The Arienne Audio K47 capsule is designed to replicate the original’s famed tonal characteristics, including its distinctive bump in the upper mids. Crafted for those who appreciate the warmth and presence that the classic version is known for, this capsule offers an authentic vintage sound. While we still offer our flat-tuned capsule for those seeking a neutral sound profile, this accurate K47 is the perfect choice for those looking to add a bit of vintage oomph to their projects.


Availability: Out of stock

Excited to introduce our version 2 K87 capsule! We've gone to great lengths to ensure every bit of this beauty lives up to the legacy of the vintage original. With custom backplates, rings (we own the molds), and spacers (we've got the dies too), we've left no stone unturned. We're talking 6 micron Mylar from Luxembourg, sputtered with our own custom masks. Even the insulated screws holding it all together are made to order for these capsules. This isn't your standard factory capsule marked up by a bazillion percent; our dedicated team, trained specifically for this product, carefully assembles each and every one. If you're searching for that classic sound with an attention to detail that's second to none, you've found your match.

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